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Hi guys, I finally managed to upload a few videos and start a vlog on my topic. My channel s here:



I’ve completed steps 1-3 in my project proposal, and I am reflecting on 4 and 5.


BBC 2 has a YouTube clip that utilizes sandcastles as an example to explain entropy.


I wonder what Jobs would have thought of entropy.

With his drive for perfection and the ideal design, would he have accepted the idea that no matter how great his products were, they, too, would have to bend to the rules of chaos and break down eventually? Or would he have fought it? The juxtaposition of what we know to be true of matter, and what Jobs strove for is quite interesting.

And, of course, this prompts another question of the more general sort: Why do we strive to be perfect, even though we know it is both unachievable, and, even if it were, when we know that perfection would begin to destroy itself immediately after creation?

Chaos and Entropy

An MIT student’s paper on Chaos theory and Entropy.




Chaos trumps the universe…

Dual Research

I’ve been looking into chaos and whatnot for the past few weeks, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s the right topic for me. I don’t understand some of the concepts that are involved in it, and it’s pretty frustrating to be at a dead end. However, I’ve been thinking about multidimensional space (as in 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional, etc.) and I think I’ll start looking into that on the side while I try to also get a better grasp on chaos.